I am a self taught artist since 2011.

My life has changed so much ever since I started painting 6 years ago. I am privileged and humbled to call myself an artist and to be able to create my feelings and emotions into a physical form. It truly makes me happy and am very grateful for every second of it.

In mid 2011, I taught my self digital painting and drawing. Soon after, my artworks started receiving a lot of attention, and it encouraged me to pursue it professionally.

In 2012, I started painting and experimenting with traditional mediums, watercolor and acrylics. I love and enjoy watercolors very much; every brush stroke is like a dance on the paper when the paint floats and flows. I feel so connected with watercolors, as if I have played with them all my life. I started oil painting in mid 2014.

I am so grateful that my artworks have been recognized in international magazines, newspapers, social media, and multiple shows.

I have a bachelor degree in graphic design and computer science programming. I love animals and nature, and I love to support and donate to organizations that help animals and the environment through the sales of my prints.